Fees by Semester

Registration Agreement

Once you register, IU reserves specific class space for you and commits resources to provide the instruction you have selected. By registering, you assume the responsibility for paying course fees or properly notifying IU when you decide not to attend. Your registration is not cancelled for nonpayment of fees. If you decide to cancel your registration, you must notify Student Central on Union.

Credit hour fees for tuition are based on residency classification, career (class), program, and selected courses.

  • All fees are approved by the Board of Trustees, usually in mid-May, and are subject to change without notice by action of the Board.
  • Tuition costs are not discounted for children of alumni or for families with multiple students in attendance.
  • IU Bloomington does not have a reciprocity agreement with surrounding states.
Fee Rates

Fee Rates

Academic Year 2016 - 2017 — Fall 2016 Credit Hour Fees

All fees are subject to change without notice by action of the Trustees of Indiana University.

Credit hour fees are assessed based on the student's residence classification, school, and class standing.

 In-StateOut-of State
12-18 credit hours (flat fee)$4,543.40 / term$16,472.50 / term
Credit hours above 18 (in addition to flat fee)$283.92 / credit hour$1,029.54 / credit hour
Fewer than 12 credit hours$283.92 / credit hour$1,029.54 / credit hour
Graduate and Professional
Graduate School$362.30 / credit hour$1,184.15 / credit hour
Business, MBA$816.00 / credit hour$1,482.00 / credit hour
Business, MBA (flat fee)$12,750.00 / term$22,230.00 / term
Business, MSA, MSIS$650.00 / credit hour$1,145.00 / credit hour
Education$420.85 / credit hour$1,295.42 / credit hour
Education, Ph.D$388.88 / credit hour$1,295.42 / credit hour
Informatics and Computing$406.95 / credit hour$1,292.05 / credit hour
Informatics and Computing, Ph.D$369.96 / credit hour$1,109.05 / credit hour
Informatics - Library and Information Science$451.33 / credit hour$1,433.50 / credit hour
Journalism, Master's and Ph.D$362.30 / credit hour$1,171.35 / credit hour
Law$923.91 / credit hour$1,750.00 / credit hour
Law, 9 credit hours and above (J.D. flat fee)$15,625.00 / term$26,000.00 / term
Music$602.25 / credit hour$1,857.67 / credit hour
Music, M.A. and Ph.D$396.90 / credit hour$1,296.60 / credit hour
Optometry less than 8 hours$611.10 / credit hour$915.60 / credit hour
Optometry 8 credit hours and above$12,588.98 / term$18,857.03 / term
Optometry MS and Ph.D$362.31 / credit hour$1,184.21 / credit hour
Public and Environmental Affairs$486.22 / credit hour$1,139.94 / credit hour
Public and Environmental Affairs, M.A. in
Arts Administration
$395.06 / credit hour$1,139.94 / credit hour
Public and Environmental Affairs, Ph.D$362.31 / credit hour$1,139.94 / credit hour
Public Health$376.77 / credit hour$1,097.38 / credit hour
Public Health, Ph.D$376.78 / credit hour$1,097.37 / credit hour
Auditing (no credit)[1]
Graduate$25.00 / credit hour$25.00 / credit hour
Undergraduate$25.00 / credit hour$25.00 / credit hour
G901, Dissertation Research$150.00 / term$150.00 / term
LAW B798, Advanced Research$150.00 / term$150.00 / term



Audit Hours
Audit hours are combined with enrolled hours to determine the amount assessed for mandatory fees. Audit hours are assessed at the rate of $25.00 per hour regardless of residence classification.


G901, Dissertation Research (6 credit hours)
Doctoral students with 90 or more hours of graduate coursework applicable to the degree (or Master of Fine Arts students with 60 or more hours of graduate coursework applicable to the degree), who have completed all other requirements for their degree except the dissertation or final project/performance, if applicable, and who have not previously enrolled in more than five terms of G901, may enroll in G901. A flat fee of $150 will be assessed. G901 is offered fall and spring terms only.


LAW B798, Advanced Research (6 credit hours)
Available to PhD students with 90 hours of graduate coursework (or 30 hours for SJD/LLMs), who have completed all degree requirements except for the dissertation/thesis. A flat fee of $150 will be assessed and no more than 6 terms may be taken.